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NACHC Grassroots Advocacy Leadership Program

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The NACHC Grassroots Advocacy Leadership Program


As health centers are faced with serious threats to funding and critical programs and resources like Medicaid and Medicare, effective grassroots advocacy has never been more important. The NACHC Grassroots Advocacy Leadership Program is designed to give health center staff, board members and patients, the knowledge and tools to be grassroots advocacy leaders in their health centers and communities.

The Grassroots Advocacy Leadership Program is a six month education and skills building program that will begin during the NACHC Policy & Issues Forum in March and continue through the NACHC Community Health Institute in August. It is designed to provide intensive training and hands on experience in all aspects of health center grassroots advocacy.

The Program Consists of:

  • MANDATORY In person sessions during the NACHC Policy & Issues Forum  and Community Health Institute covering Basic Grassroots Advocacy Strategy and Tactics, Legal Guidelines for Health Center Advocacy, Understanding Congress, Holding an Effective Meeting with Elected Officials, Tools for Effective Advocacy: Introductions to Social Media , Video Communications, National Health Center Week, Civic Engagement, and  Working with the Media.
  • Four additional MANDATORY monthly webinars covering in greater detail National Health Center Week, Video & Social Media, Media Relations & Advocacy and Civic Engagement
  • MANDATORY Local projects including organizing a National Health Center Week event (when timely) and creating a video telling an effective advocacy story on the ground at your center.  
  • Developing an advocacy plan for your health center Upon completion of all elements of the program, participants will be designated and recognized as NACHC “Advocacy Captains” for their health centers.



All elements of the program will be presented and overseen by members of the NACHC Advocacy Team assisted by NACHC Communications and Policy staff.

Each participant will be assigned an advisor from the NACHC Advocacy Team who will be available for ongoing assistance.



The current NACHC Grassroots Advocacy Leadership Program will be limited to 30 participants and is open only to health center staff, patients and/or board members on a first come-first served basis.  


There is a $75 registration fee to help cover materials.





Advocacy 101: Session will provide basic education on the concepts, terminology, and strategy used to be successful in grassroots advocacy activities. Advocacy 101 will serve as the foundational education from which other skills and strategies can be built.

Advocacy Legal Guidelines: Session will provide basic legal overview to what advocates can and can’t do when advocating for their health center. Legal guidelines will cover the differences between lobbying and advocating, advocacy during the time of an election and elementary IRS and FEC guidelines for advocacy.

Understanding Congress: Session will provide a basic overview of Congressional structure, key congressional committees, process and procedures related to how legislation moves through Congress to become law.

Holding an Effective Meeting: Session will teach advocates how to effectively meet and follow up with policymakers and opinion leaders in order to maximize their advocacy impact.

Using Social Media to Advocate: Session will review social media tools available to enhance advocacy activities and provide basic training on how best to utilize the most effective social media applications.

Advocacy Video Communications: Session will showcase a small sample of the most effective advocate produced videos and provide basic training on how to create personalized advocacy videos at home.

National Health Center Week: Session will highlight the value of NHCW as one of the most effective tools health centers have in advocacy efforts, education and capitol campaigns, public relations, and appreciation/celebratory events.

Voter Registration: Session will cover the legal obligation health centers have to provide voter registration activities to their patients, showcase best practices taken from health centers that have successfully launched voter registration and highlight free resources available to begin voter registration activities locally.

Advocacy and the Media: Session will discuss how to use the media to further advocacy efforts, troubleshooting bad press, and the importance of an established media contact and strategy at your health center.

Useful Links and Tools


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04-13-2011   NACHC Picture Audio Video Release Form (40kb)

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04-13-2011   PI 2011 Voter Registration Session -YRA (1000kb)

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