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Branding Campaign for Health Centers

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"The Community of Community Health Centers"


The National Branding Campaign for Our Health Centers


The Community of Community Health Centers campaign is a national branding effort to strengthen recognition of our Health Centers as a unified and nationwide network of quality community-based primary care providers.  Initially created at the state level by the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC) and its membership, the National Association of Community Health Centers has expanded the campaign nationwide.

Why a National Brand?

The evolving health care environment is ushering in new financing and insurance structures, new marketplace players, and greater opportunities to expand health care access to more medically underserved and uninsured Americans.  It is more important than ever that our unique and cost-effective Health Center model, i.e., Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), is readily identifiable and distinguished from other provider types. 

FQHCs are present in over 9,000 rural and urban communities across America.  They have a successful track record second to none in the delivery of affordable quality care to more than 22 million people.  They play a significant role in lowering health care costs and producing savings for the nation’s health care system and the American taxpayer.

The FQHC Brand Components

FQHC Brand Identity

Telling Our Story

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