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NACHC Outreach & Enrollment Webinar Series:

"Sign me up!" Navigating the Outreach & Enrollment Landscape

The 2014-2015 open enrollment period is around the corner and Community Health Centers continue to be on the forefront of educating the uninsured about their options and signing them up for coverage.  The new, free webinar series—Sign me up!” Navigating the Outreach and Enrollment Landscape—will focus on what we learned from the first open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act, what to expect and prepare for in the next round of open enrollment, and the latest news, updates and information on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The first webinar in the series is available now: Connecting Kids and Teens with Free and Low-cost Coverage, WednesdayJuly 30th, 2014.


Supplemental Materials


Outreach and Enrollment Issue Briefs


Information Resources on Outreach and Enrollment      


Key Staff Contacts:  

O&E Operations: Ted Henson, (301) 347-0474

O&E Policy:  Heidi Emerson, (202) 331-4602


Following are examples of job descriptions for staff positions related to outreach and enrollment efforts. All will need to be modified based on the specific needs of the Community Health Center.

  • The first example from the Michigan PCA is specific to a health center staff position which will focus on doing the outreach and enrollment. View the job description.

  • The second example from the Arizona PCA is for a health center staff position in a more oversight/coordinating role. View the job description.

  • The third example is from the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers for an AmeriCorps/Community HealthCorps Member position serving at a health center.
    View the job description.


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