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Outreach and Enrollment

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 The Affordable Care Act and Your Community Health Center video, now available in: 


 Outreach and Enrollment Issue Briefs


Information Resources on Outreach and Enrollment



Key Staff Contacts:  

Triage: Jason Patnosh, 301/347-0400

Federal policy:  Roger Schwartz, 202/296-3800

Health Center Operations: Jason Patnosh, 301/347-0400

State Affairs: Dawn McKinney, 603/856-7026, DaShawn Groves 202/296-3800



Following are examples of job descriptions for staff positions related to outreach and enrollment efforts. All will need to be modified based on the specific needs of the Community Health Center.

  • The first example from the Michigan PCA is specific to a health center staff position which will focus on doing the outreach and enrollment. View the job description.

  • The second example from the Arizona PCA is for a health center staff position in a more oversight/coordinating role. View the job description.

  • The third example is from the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers for an AmeriCorps/Community HealthCorps Member position serving at a health center.
    View the job description.

 Updated 05/29/13

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