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Access For All America

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Expanding the Reach of Community Health Centers to Provide Care
to Those without a Health Care Home


Our ACCESS Vision

What is ACCESS for All America - The ACCESS for All America Plan is a comprehensive plan to reduce the ranks of America’s medically disenfranchised by preserving, strengthening, and expanding health centers to reach a total of 30 million patients by the year 2015.

ACCESS for All America is about better care for lower costs - The Community Health Center model provides better care for lower costs; it is an investment in America’s health care future.

Statistic showing the success of community health centers - The numbers don’t lie when discussing community health centers as a cost effective way to deliver quality and affordable health care.

Read the reports - NACHC has released several reports on how Community Health Centers deliver the care that many rely on for primary health care and what health centers need to expand their services.

Documents on Access for All America - NACHC has several documents available that go into greater detail on the Access for All America Plan. Please download them, and distribute them to spread the message.

State-specific ACCESS plans: A 50 state strategy is a key feature of the ACCESS for All America plan and is essential for reaching its goals. Primary Care Associations (PCAs) have recognized the need for coordinated action and are developing ACCESS plans that reflect their complex and unique environmental conditions and needs. In this section, you will find more information about what a state-specific ACCESS plan might look like and tools to help implement strategies.


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