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Getting involved and developing advocacy efforts at your health center is easier than you thought! Thanks to health center advocacy leaders in the community and at our state Primary Care Associations, many current examples of materials being used in the field are working to ignite interest and organize advocacy in the community and around the nation. Do you have advocacy materials you would like to share? Please contact Amanda Pears for more information.

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When it comes to advocacy there’s no one size fits all method for getting people more engaged. In an effort to raise awareness and get others involved in health center advocacy several health centers have developed advocate recruiting tools. Using health center advocacy education, petition formats, and sometimes recruiting contests, health centers and primary care associations have developed countless creative ways to engage more people in health center advocacy. The following materials have proven successful at the state and community level, recruiting countless new advocates and growing the voice of health centers.

02-03-2008   Patient Recruiting Contest & Petition (58kb)
The folks at Muncie really have it figured out! Adding over 400 new advocates to the advocacy network in just one month, Open Door staff created a streamlined mechanism for recruiting patients and assisting with responses to advocacy alerts.

02-03-2008   Advocate Recruiting Brochure (148kb)
Originally created to generate interest and heightened health center awareness during National Health Center Week, 2006, staff at Health Access Network (HAN) created a comprehensive health center brochure and advocate recruiting tool in one. Created onsite at the health center, HAN was able to recruit more than fifty new health center advocates on their first attempt, a proven success!

02-03-2008   Advocate Recruiting Post Card Campaign (172kb)
The Oregon Primary Care Association has developed an extensive advocates list through the development and use of their beautifully created health center post cards. Each card prominently displays a color photo representing various aspects of health centers and the services they provide, combined with a brief explanation of the current advocacy campaign. The post cards are returned to the primary care association where the advocates contact information is entered into their advocate database, a very effective and aesthetically pleasing way to recruit new advocates.


One of the single most important components to developing grassroots advocacy capabilities is education and training. Much of being an effective advocate has to do with comfort with the advocacy process and confidence in your voice and message about the issues most important in your life. To assist with the training and education involved with advocacy, several health centers and primary care associations have put together the following highly effective training materials and presentations.

02-03-2008   Introduction to Health Center Advocacy (19kb)
Charter Oaks Health Center, Hartford, CT

02-03-2008   CCHN Grassroots Advocacy (5754kb)
Colorado Community Health Network

02-03-2008   Lifting Our Voices (633kb)
Community Health Center Association of New York State

02-03-2008   Community Health Centers 101 (3197kb)
Community Health Network of Washington

02-03-2008   Advocating For Your Health Center (3204kb)
North Carolina Primary Care Association - Advocating For Your Health Center


Now serving 16 million patients nation wide, health centers are the health care home and safety net to an ever growing number of Americans. Health centers have been expert at patient advocacy in the healthcare world since their inception more than forty years ago. Building on this expertise, some health centers have developed their efforts and materials to further empower patients to advocate on their own behalf and for all that the health centers program provides.

02-03-2008   Patient Testimonial Collection (28kb)
One Pager Description/Basic Questionnaire Form

02-03-2008   Patient Minute Men (24kb)
One Pager Description/Sign-Up Form/Team Leader Action Plan


02-03-2008   ‘Calling All Advocates’ – BJHCHS, SC (33kb)
BJHCHS reached out to their community to recruit health center advocates, creating a one-pager to share and encourage health center consumers, community partners, and all health center supporters to take action and join the health center advocacy network.

02-03-2008   Advocacy Call Tree (35kb)
A little like an elementary school game of ‘telephone’, the call tree can help deal with technology barriers in your community, allowing those without access to a computer to respond to advocacy action alerts and regularly engage in health center advocacy.

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