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Research & Data

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The NACHC Research Department collects data, performs analysis, and applies information to empower communities in their efforts to improve public health.  The NACHC Research Department also educates the public, health officials, and decision-makers at the local, state, and national level about the critical role of health centers in promoting access to high quality, affordable health care that reduces disparities and advances community well-being.

View the tabs on your left to access Research Department publications, maps, training, and tools.  Resources are grouped into thematic categories.  If you cannot find a particular resource, please email us at

Highlights: Showcases new and major reports and briefs (see below).

Data & Maps: Provides key health center data and maps by state as well as nationally.

Building Health Center Research Capacity: Showcases resources for both health center and academic partners to help build health center research capacity.

Health Centers in the Literature: Summaries of studies on health center access, quality of care, cost effectiveness, and health care disparities.

Tools & Resources: Tools include research collaboration information, community engagement information, health center mapping atlas, and research meetings and agenda.

Links: To affiliated organizations and government websites.


Are you interested in conducting research with NACHC or health centers?  Please review NACHC's Research Collaboration Policy.

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New 2014 Chartbook: A Sketch of Community Health Centers: This chartbook provides a pictorial overview of the federal Health Center Program and the communities they serve.  It displays figures documenting who health centers serve, what services they provide, and their accomplishments in improving access and delivering high quality, cost-effective care.

New Fact Sheet: Health Centers and Electronic Health Records: Adoption, Use, and Impact: This fact sheet highlights health centers' high levels of Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption and functionality and how EHRs help inform health center services.

New Toolkit: Building Research Partnerships with Community Health Centers: A Toolkit for Academics: This modulized toolkit provides researchers with the information they need to understand how the health center model can support their research initiatives. 

New Report: Access Is the Answer: Community Health Centers, Primary Care, and the Future of American Health Care: This report documents that 62 million people--many with insurance--experience poor access to primary care due to local shortages of such physicians.  It describes how health centers have kept this number from increasing, how they overcome multiple barriers to care, and how they can reach 35 million patients by 2020.

New Fact Sheet: The Medically Disenfrancised and the Shortage of Primary Care: This fact sheet highlights one indicator of unmet need for primary care: who experiences local shortages of primary care providers, where they live, and how many of them there are.

New Infographic: Going Beyond Primary Care: Health Centers Transform Health Care in Local Communities: To celebrate this year's National Health Center Week, this infographic uses data and visual images to highlight the wide range of services health centers provide beyond primary care, including behavioral health care, dental, pharmacy, and enabling services. These services continue to set health centers apart from other providers while meeting the needs of their local communities.

Health Wanted: The State of Unmet Need for Primary Health Care in America: The U.S. may have one of the most technologically advanced health care systems in the world, yet millions of residents suffer from unmet health care needs and even preventable deaths. This report describes why so many Americans experience difficulties in accessing primary care, and the far-reaching health and cost consequences when people and communities are shut out of preventive medicine. This report also underscores one proven solution to unmet primary care needs - America's Community Health Centers - and the overwhelming demand for their services. An accompanying chartpack featuring the report's figures and maps may be found here.






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