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Provide one and two page summaries of health centers and various topics.

To view our Snapshot series, which provide brief, one-page summaries highlighting certain health center activities, click here or the Snapshot tab.

NEW 05-11-2016   Enabling Services: Gateways to Better Care (1982kb)

UPDATED 05-10-2016   Health Centers and Medicare: Caring for America's Seniors, May 2016 (348kb)

03-08-2016   America's Health Centers Fact Sheet, March 2016 (466kb)

08-10-2015   Infographic: Health Centers: Paving the Road to Good Health (858kb)

08-07-2015   Health Centers Provide Cost Effective Care (2854kb)

07-21-2015   Qualified Health Plans and Health Centers: A Primer (278kb)

07-16-2015   The Role of Health Centers in Lowering Preventable Emergency Department Use (221kb)

01-06-2015   Health Centers Disproportionately Serve Patients with Costly Chronic Conditions (184kb)

08-08-2014   Infographic: Providing Quality Care, Producing Results (917kb)

08-07-2014   Health Centers and Medicaid Fact Sheet, August 2014 (431kb)

07-07-2014   Health Centers and Electronic Health Records: Adoption, Use, and Impact (450kb)

06-30-2014   Health Centers and the 340B Drug Discount Pricing Program (200kb)

05-13-2014   Health Centers and the Uninsured: Improving Health and Access to Care (350kb)

03-16-2014   The Medically Disenfranchised and the Shortage of Primary Care (700kb)

10-04-2013   Removing Barriers to Care: Community Health Centers in Rural Areas (307kb)

09-30-2013   Expanding Access to Primary Care: The Role of NPs, PAs, and CNMs in the Health Center Workforce (207kb)

08-08-2013   Infographic: Going Beyond Primary Care: Health Centers Transform Health in Local Communities (235kb)

04-13-2013   Infographic: Health Centers At A Glance (453kb)

02-05-2013   Health Centers Provide Better or Equal Care Compared to Other Primary Care Providers (398kb)

12-04-2012   Health Centers Face Declining Medicaid Reimbursement (272kb)

08-02-2012   Community Health Centers: A Unique Approach to Primary Care (428kb)

08-02-2012   Community Health Centers: A Turnkey Solution for Access to Care (608kb)

08-02-2012   Powering Healthier Communities: Community Health Centers Address the Social Determinants of Health (566kb)

06-07-2012   Health Centers Are More Likely to Use Non-Physician Clinicians than Other Primary Care Offices (106kb)

05-03-2012   The Role of Health Centers in Caring for Farmworkers (206kb)

03-04-2012   Health Centers Accept More New Patients than Other Primary Care Providers (181kb)

01-26-2012   Health Center Patients Receive More Preventive Services (161kb)

01-26-2012   Health Centers Provide Effective Chronic Care Services (272kb)

01-20-2012   Cost-Effectiveness at Health Centers, December 2011 (326kb)

04-01-2011   Economic Impact of Health Centers (307kb)

03-22-2011   Community Health Centers: The Local Prescription for Better Quality and Lower Costs (567kb)

03-03-2011   Patients Gain More Access to Health Centers Thanks to Stimulus (536kb)

12-01-2010   Community Health Center: Return of Investment (220kb)

11-19-2010   Expanding Health Centers Under Health Care Reform:Doubling Patient Capacity and Bringing Down Costs (476kb)

10-01-2010   Health Center Patients Have Fewer Low Birth Weight Babies (83kb)

08-09-2010   Community Health Centers Lead a Primary Care Revolution (596kb)

11-20-2009   America‚Äôs Health Centers: Serving as Health Care Homes (476kb)

11-19-2009   The Struggle to Build a Strong Workforce at Health Centers (398kb)

09-29-2009   Recession Brings More Patients to Community Health Centers, Sept 2009 (629kb)

07-29-2008   Health Profession Training Opportunities at Community Health Centers, July 2008 (97kb)

12-14-2007   The Importance of Community Governance, December 2007 (47kb)

06-01-2007   Health Centers and SCHIP: Improving Access to Care for Kids (101kb)

04-01-2007   Health Centers on the Front Lines of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment (37kb)

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