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    NEW - CHC Management Certificate Offered through Geiger-Gibson Program at GW - Apply by Aug 20th
    Campaign for America's Health Centers
    Campaign for America's Health: Issue - Medicaid
    Campaign for America's Health: Issue - Regulations

Member Center


    Membership Types & Benefits
    Recruit A Member
    Committee Information
    Special Membership Offers
    Renew Membership Dues or Subscriptions
    Email Membership
    House of Delegates
    2009 Candidates' Forum
    General Committee Information
    Organizational Membership
    Corporate Membership
    Associate Membership
    Individual Membership
    Basic Individual Membership
    College Health Professional Membership

Membership Services

    Innovative Models of Care
    Interim CEO Service
    Insurance Resource Center for Health Centers
    Staffing for Health Centers
    Patient Accounting Management
    Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs)
    Staff Satisfaction and Exit Interview Tools
    Community Health Ventures
    340B Program Management
    Capital Development
    Direct Technical Assistance to Health Centers
    Emergency Preparation and Management


Award Programs

    Award Descriptions
    Principal Nomination Form
    Nomination Submitted
    Supporting Nomination Form
    Award Admin Menu
    Nominations List
    Nomination Edit
    Replace Supporting Nominator
    2012 NACHC Community Health Care Awards of Excellence
    2010 NACHC Community Health Care Awards of Excellence Recipients
    2008 NACHC Community Health Care Awards of Excellence Recipients
    2011 Migrant Health Awards
    Nomination Detail

Policy Issues

Our Issues

    Primary Care Funding Cliff
    Access For All America Plan
    Federal Issues
    State Issues
    State Legislation Tracking
    Regulatory Issues
    Direct State Funding
    Public Health Authorizations
    Access For All America Plan Overview
    Investing in Community Health Centers
    Other Issues
    DRA Implementation
    Delivery Quality Statistics
    Medicaid Prospective Payment System
    Health Reform
    Access For All America Reports
    1115 Waivers
    Access For All America Documents
    Additional Medicaid Information
    FY2011 Funding Cuts Information Center
    Health Center Funding Cuts - Tools & Information
    Health Center Funding Cuts Hub
    Sample State Legislation
    State Policy Modeling
    State Health Care Reform
    PCA Update Archives
    What's New
    Outreach and Enrollment
    Health Insurance Exchanges
    Medicaid Expansion

Become an Advocate

Policy Library

    NACHC Policy Papers
    Federal Tort Claims Act
    Section 340b Drug Pricing Program

Clinical Issues

Clinical Issues

    Clinical Older Publications

New News

Clinical Quality

    Behavioral Health
    HIV Supporting Resources
    Dental Tools
    Quality Management
    Sexual Health
    HIV Screening
    Hepatitis C
    LGBT Health
    HIV Screening
    Teen Screen Successful
    Supporting Resources
    HIV Presentations
    HIV External Partners
    Medical Home Supporting Publications
    Medical Home Resources and Tools
    Medical Home External Partners
    Risk Management
    Risk Management Resources and Tools
    Risk Management Supporting Publications

Clinical Workforce

    Teaching Health Centers
    Clinical Workforce Webinar Series
    Benchmarks and Data Defining the Need
    Future of Medical Education
    Hometown Partnerships for Health
    Recruitment, Onboarding, and Retention
    New Medical Directors
    New Medical Directors - Upcoming Training Opportunities
    New Medical Directors - Frequently Used Tools and Templates
    New Medical Directors - Supporting Resources
    New Medical Directors - The Federal Health Center Program
    New Medical Directors - External Partners

Health Center Information

Special Populations

    Public Housing Residents
    Other Special Populations
    About Farmworkers
    About Migrant Health Centers
    Migrant Health Conferences
    HRSA Central Office Grantees
    Migrant Stream Coordinators
    Migrant Listservers
    Federal Partners

HR Clearinghouse

Financial/Operations Management

Capital Development


Health Center Growth/Development

    Newly Funded Grantee Orientation Documents
    Newly Funded Grantee Resources

Risk Management

Emergency Management

    EM Webinars
    Personal Preparedness

Health Information Technologies (HIT)

    New News in HIT
    Getting Started
    Key HIT Definitions
    Tools for Implementing EMRs
    Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCNs)
    Online Learning Resources
    Helpful Links and Resources
    HIT as a Change in Scope
    NACHC HIT Advisory Group Information and Updates
    Secuity and Privacy
    User Groups
    EHR Vendors
    Meaningful Use of HIT
    HIT Certification

Outreach and Enrollment

Research & Data

Research & Data

    Data & Maps
    Research Meetings
    Tools for Research
    NACHC's Access Report Series
    Nation's Health At Risk Series
    Research Fact Sheets
    Health Centers At A Glance: Research Snapshots
    Building Health Center Research Capacity
    Health Center Characteristics and Populations
    Health Center Cost-Effectiveness
    Health Center Services and Quality
    Medicaid, Medicare, and Reimbursement
    Unmet Needs and Health Center Expansion
    Workforce Models and Issues
    Health Centers in the Literature
    Additional Health Center Information

Advocacy/Voter Registration

Grassroots Action Center

    Sign up
    Join Our Mobile Advocacy Team
    Take Action
    Advocacy and Health Reform
    Advocacy Alerts
    Guidelines for Health Center Advocacy
    Advocacy Tools
    Advocate of the Month
    Best Practices
    Past Advocates of the Month
    Inexpensive Health Care
    Affordable Health Care
    Tele-Town Halls
    Tips for Getting Your Voice Heard
    Tips for Communicating with Elected Officials
    Media Tips
    Editorial Board Tips
    Getting Organized
    Health Center Advocacy Newsletter
    Advocacy Toolkits

Washington Update Newsletter


Grassroots Advocacy Leadership Program

CHC Storybanking




Training & Technical Assistance


My NACHC Learning Center

List of Trainings

    Financial/Operations Management Seminars
    Revenue Cycle 360
    MAHC Courses
    Starting with Success: Building and Enhancing Your Health Center
    Practice Operations Management Training Seminars
    Board Chair/CEO Partnership Training
    Medicare PPS ONE-DAY Implementation Trainings
    NACHC Regional Managed Care Contracting Training Learning Lab
    Contract Terms to Minimize Risks: A Guidance Series for Common Health Center Agreements
    Governing Board Responsibilities Resources
    Health Information Technology Webinars
    Health IT Professionals JobMine
    Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs)
    New CEO Institute
    Conferences and Events
    Primary Care Associations Trainings
    Strengthening the Board Chair/CEO Partnership
    Understanding Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Webinar Series
    Not Funded Now What Webinar Series
    Project Management Webinars
    Virtual Business Continuity Institute Webinar Series
    Technology Requirements for Webinars
    New Grantee Orientation- Chicago
    New Grantee Orientation- Washington DC
    Knowledge Management
    New Starts
    More Information on 2012 New CEO Institute
    2011 Managed Care Webinars
    2012 Legal Webinar Schedule
    FTCA Coverage Webinar
    The 60-day Rule for Refunding Overpayments
    Update on PPS Reimbursement Issues
    National Health Service Corps Webinar
    Negotiating with MCOs Webinars
    Social Media Legal Issues

Publications & Resources


    Community Health ForumĀ® Magazine
    Community Health Forum - Latest Issue
    Magazine Archives
    Catalog Search
    Washington Update
    Programs and Policy Update
    Medicare and Medicaid Policy Update
    PCA Updates
    Prep Tips

Branding Campaign for Health Centers

    Telling Our Story

Communications Tools for Health Centers

    Online Media Toolkit
    Talking Points About Health Centers
    Talking Points on Site Expansion
    Social Media

Resources for PCAs

    Developing a State-specific ACCESS plan
    Implementing a State-specific ACCESS plan
    Statewide Growth Strategy
    Creating a Legislative Agenda
    Communicating the goals of your ACCESS plan


    Innovative Models of Care
    Interim CEO Service
    Community Health Ventures
    Capital Development
    Insurance Resource Center for Health Centers
    Staffing for Health Centers
    Patient Accounting Management
    Direct Technical Assistance to Health Centers
    Emergency Preparation and Management
    Communications Tools for Health Centers
    Exit Interview System
    Advocacy Media Toolkit
    Model Descriptions of CHCs
    Media Strategy Plan
    Sample Media Editorials About Health Centers
    Template Press Materials

Helpful Links

    George Washington University Health Services Certificate for Community Health Center Leaders

Research & Data

Workforce Recruitment & Retention Tools

Job Board

Instructions for posting a new position

Submit a Job

    Submit a Job Review
    Submit a Job Thanks
    Submit A Job - Missing
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    Submit a Job Thanks - missing IDs

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Contact Us

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