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Open Door Health Services

"Open Door Health Services has been in the Muncie community since 1974, although we have been known by several different names, including Open Door Health Clinic and Open Door/BMH Health Center.

When the clinic first opened, it was staffed by one nurse and physicians from the residency program at Ball Memorial Hospital.  Over the past three decades, Open Door has grown by leaps and bounds.  In the last ten years, the growth has become even more pronounced.  In 2000, Open Door served 6,272 individuals.  In 2010, 17,497 received care at one of eight Open Door locations throughout East Central Indiana.  That is a growth of 287% in just ten years.
Unfortunately, though, we are still not providing care to every uninsured or underinsured person in East Central Indiana.  In fact, there are approximately 43,690 people who are uninsured or underinsured and eligible for our services living in East Central Indiana without access to affordable health care." - From Open Door Health Services About Us Website

Patient Stories:
JoAnna Miller's Story
JoAnna Miller feels "blessed" to have found good care at a Community Health Center.

Patient Stories:
Nora Loura-Lewis' Story
“People look defeated in Muncie. Open Door Health Services gives hope back—it is a place to start and make changes,”

Patient Stories:
John and Helen Britt
"We are not treated like a number, but like a real human being."

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